Laser Engraving


Developed for premium and standard brands

A great many purchasing decisions are only made at the POS. Consequently, packaging with high-quality image and graphic elements creates a greater visual impact and is more persuasive. Brand leadership requires a sophisticated corporate design – a striking logo, distinctive colors or color combinations, carefully selected fonts, and design ideas that are both original and effective in transporting their message. These criteria place huge demands on print quality, though, so HELL has developed PremiumFlexo, a technology that makes flexographic printing ideal for both standard and premium brands.

Satisfies the highest quality standards

HELL PremiumFlexo has finally made it possible for flexographic printing to be used for highly demanding, photorealistic, and spectacular creative ideas with an unprecedented level of quality. This is equally beneficial for flexible packaging products and labels. Flexible packaging, especially with flexographic printing, is becoming an attractive option for more and more brand owners. So why not give flexographic printing a shot?

HELL PremiumFlexo is the logical conclusion of the trend toward high-resolution imaging processes – in the shape of direct laser engraving on elastomer printing forms. The print result is on a par with gravure and offset printing. The vital factor here is digital control of the optimum three-dimensional printing form parameters. In conjunction with the elastomer properties, this increases the service life and maximizes the reproducibility of results.

Making even more of the strengths of flexographic printing

One unbeatable argument for flexographic printing is the variety of substrates and ink systems. The eternally young flexographic process can be used to print on virtually all plastic films, metal foils, uncoated and fibrous paper, card/board, and multilayer materials. It also benefits from outstanding ink properties such as resistance to frost and heat, elasticity, and shrinkability. Thanks to HELL PremiumFlexo, flexographic printing can now combine all these strengths with high-end quality.

HELL PremiumFlexo is more cost-effective than other printing methods and established flexographic printing forms. Direct laser engraving in highly productive wide-web flexographic printing and narrow-web printing with its wide range of surface finishing options is becoming increasingly widespread, which proves the market is adopting this impressive technology.