5 reasons to choose PremiumFlexo



HELL PremiumFlexo finally turns flexographic printing into a high-quality printing method to match gravure and sheetfed offset. It opens up new possibilities for brand owners to produce top-quality packaging cost-efficiently.


HELL PremiumFlexo reduces flexographic printing form production to just two eco-friendly process steps – without chemicals or ozone and at lower energy costs. A lean job ticket workflow enables zero-error production at the touch of one button that can be reproduced at any time.


HELL PremiumFlexo shapes print elements and produces the optimum 3D relief, both with razor-sharp precision. Fine text and line art details, vignettes, and both solid and halftone areas are thus printed with high-contrast, brilliant colors.


HELL PremiumFlexo uses state-of-the-art EPDM elastomers to cover the full range of applications at low costs. Round and flat, endless or mounted, swell- and abrasion-resistant, they are suitable for all types of inks and coatings, and even for embossing. What’s more, the printing form is now available faster than ever before.


HELL PremiumFlexo is easy to use and within everyone’s reach – from prepress service providers to packaging and label printers – in customized configurations that quickly pay for themselves. Furthermore, printers can switch to a printing process that has none of the problems typically associated with photopolymers.