An Eco-Friendly Option


No chemicals, no ozone, and no problematic waste

HELL PremiumFlexo supports the growing demand for green packaging. Production of laser-engraved elastomers is a totally chemical-free process. No UV exposure is needed either, which means no ozone is released. The only waste products are elastomer debris, which can be disposed of as domestic waste, and wastewater that is easy to filter.

Low power consumption

The two-stage PremiumFlexo direct laser engraving process uses far less energy. Although the fiber laser for engraving operates at a higher power because, rather than simply removing a black masking layer, it needs to shape the full relief depth, all the “energy-guzzling” steps that are still required by other production methods are eliminated. The PremiumFlexo fiber laser is three times more efficient than CO2 laser engraving and therefore needs to expend far less energy.