Laser engraving for competitive advantages


Based on Innovation

HELL PremiumFlexo reflects the extensive in-house know-how that has always made it possible to tackle challenges and achieve success by turning this knowledge into competitive advantages for our customers with high-performance, cost-efficient technology. And it is easy to use.

The name of our company founder Rudolf Hell (1901 – 2002) is associated with numerous inventions and innovations such as the fax machine. He is also considered a pioneer of filmless direct engraving in gravure applications. This process has been a market success since 1962 in the shape of the HELL HelioKlischograph series of electromechanical engraving systems. The launch of TIFF direct engraving and the job ticket workflow in 1997 were key stepping stones on the way to HELL PremiumFlexo. In 2006, HELL unveiled the PremiumSetter – the first system to engrave elastomer flexographic printing forms in a far higher quality than previous CO2 lasers.

High-performance fiber laser

The core technology of HELL PremiumFlexo is a high-power laser developed jointly by HELL and laser manufacturer IPG. This was necessary to ensure an optimum interface between the selected laser source and the innovative HELL optical head so as to achieve the ultimate in beam quality and spot size. Thanks to a new kind of plug & play interface, it was also possible to design an optical head that is maintenance-free and service-friendly.

With a 600 W beam, the IPG fiber laser is one of the most powerful in its class. The latest-generation optical head gets the most out of fiber lasers, which have several advantages. They operate in a wavelength range that is more favorable for elastomer engraving, are more powerful than diode lasers, and enable perfect beam focusing for razor-sharp reproduction. What’s more, their high energy density enables relief-depth engraving in a single step.

The high-quality components and the optimum optical setup complete with water cooling ensure excellent beam stability over the entire engraving time, so the optical system’s lenses are completely stable. Consequently, beam focusing and thus spot size remain constant under all conditions.

Future-proof investment

Thanks to its high-tech credentials, HELL PremiumFlexo offers business opportunities to open up new market segments in packaging and label printing that were previously the preserve of gravure and offset printing. What’s more, HELL PremiumFlexo is a cost-effective, economical solution that enables a quick return on investment.

Our future-focused portfolio of single-, dual-, and four-beam PremiumSetter systems with various engraving widths covers the full range of utilization volumes. And a laser upgrade of the HELL PremiumSetter is possible at any time. HELL PremiumFlexo grows with the user’s company.

Smart choice based on unique selling points

Investing in HELLPremiumFlexo technology is a decision based on unique selling points that deliver competitive advantages as a result of their efficiency and quality. Points particularly worth highlighting include

  • perfect, razor-sharp engraving in a single step for top print quality
  • one-button start of the engraving process in a sophisticated job ticket workflow
  • FastForward functions for solid and print-free areas
  • sequential engraving of sleeves and plates.