Razor sharp engraving of your data


Ultra-precise reproduction

“Razor-sharp engraving” means using the ultra-fine laser spot to accurately reproduce halftone, line art, and text elements comprising several pixels in exactly the same form they take in the data. This results in precisely defined printing dots and enables accurate three-dimensional shaping of print elements, which is vital for stable quality throughout the run.

The resolution can be increased from the typical 2540 dpi as high as 5080 dpi for even better pixel distribution – at smooth edges, for example. In order to achieve this, the optical head focuses the energy on a smaller area with a proportionally higher rotational speed so that the engraving time remains constant.

Undercut, first step, shoulder profile, relief depth, dot stability, and shaping are controlled digitally using the laser energy based on the pixels’ gray step. Even with small relief depths, the three-dimensional shaping of isolated or negative dots results in exceptional transfer of details.

Perfect screens, even for hidden security features

HELL PremiumFlexo reproduces gray levels and details in a quality previously unprecedented in flexographic printing. Using the largest possible tonal value range from 1 to 99% enables printers to master even the toughest challenges in image reproduction. An absolutely identical engraving result in terms of format width and range that can be reproduced at any time paves the way for homogeneous halftone areas, while soft tonal value transitions produce smooth vignettes. The unique optimizing possibilities in the HELL PremiumProfiler software enable infinitely variable screen rulings.

Under these conditions, it is of course possible to incorporate a variety of security features. These features are in greater demand than ever, because the more sophisticated the packaging, the more sought-after the contents, and the more effective the brand presentation, the greater the likelihood of attempted imitation. Protection against forgeries is no longer conceivable without high-tech options such as making specific changes to screen structures that cannot be seen by the naked eye.

High contrasts, reliable bar codes

Flexographic printing has established itself as a packaging printing method with a significant proportion of images. Long gone are the days when it was primarily associated with unattractive transport packaging and brown paper bags, halo effects, and cloudy areas.

The precision of direct laser engraving in conjunction with the elastomer engraving material is a perfect combination for this trend. The benefits for detail reproduction are essentially made possible by HELL laser technology. The latest-generation elastomers selected have an equally important role to play in this success story. Their excellent ink transfer comes into its own with solid tints, which results in higher ink densities. This produces brilliant images, higher-contrast graphics, and clearer bar codes.