The job ticket workflow – complete production management


Maximum prepress efficiency

It goes without saying that HELL PremiumFlexo benefits from a modern workflow with job ticket-controlled order and production management for lean and efficient job preparation. Archiving all job-related data along with entire job tickets makes production far easier. In the event of repeat jobs, these settings simply need to be called up by the current job ticket. This ensures the same high quality can always be reproduced.

An MIS connection supporting data exchange makes it possible to import the relevant job data for the customer into the job ticket and report status information about production progress for each engraving job.

Simple and reliable one-button operation

The job ticket combines the engraving data with all the job and system data. It also provides details, for example, about color separations, mirroring, dimensions, notch, and margin areas. The entries increase as job preparation progresses. All the PremiumSetter operator needs to do is call up the job ticket, insert the required printing form, and press a button to start the process.

Clever sequential engraving

Sequential engraving enables several job tickets to be called up one after the other and completed in a single makeready process. This improves the productivity of the PremiumSetter further still.