PremiumSetter S1000

Engraving speeds 4 times faster than other direct engraving devices!


The most versatile Laser Engraving System available!

  • Elastomer metal back plates
  • Elastomer Mylar back plates

The PremiumSetter S1000 from HELL is the most innovative laser engraving system for direct imaging of Elastomer metal back printing plates and Elastomer Mylar back printing plates.

The S1000 offers the following functions and benefits:

  • Simplified plate handling for extremely user-friendly loading and unloading using the integrated loading table, vacuum cylinder with clamping bar function, and footswitch control.
  • High power laser that optimizes beam quality and spot size in combination with the innovative HELL optical head, for reproduction of ultrafine elements and screens.
  • OnlineEngine, which uses predefined parameters in the PremiumProfiler to convert 1 bit TIFF data into three dimensional 8-bit TIFF engraving data on the fly, for a fully digital process without any analog processing steps.