HELL Flexo CTP Device

High Resolution F-Series CTP Device

Open Format & Versatile!

  • choice of front end systems
  • hybrid capability enables you to process plates or sleeves



HELL’s F-Series computer-to-plate (CTP) device is designed to support the needs of today’s packaging converters, delivering superior quality output and maximum efficiency for a wide range of flexible packaging, wide web and corrugated applications. The F-Series is a Hybrid machine which makes sleeve and plate production possible.

The F-Series can use standard 1bit files (no special rip required) providing plates which can compete with high end polymer plate technologies.

HELL’s NEW F-Series CTP Device gives you a choice…

  • of front end systems (you can use other compatible software – you are not locked into a proprietary package)
  • multiple workflows (hybrid capability enables you to process plates or sleeves)
  • multiple resolutions (from 2400 to 5080 DPI) without costly upgrades

And the F-Series also gives you this…

  • fastest production speeds on the market (up to 16 sq. meters per hour)
  • same production speeds for ALL resolutions and plate thicknesses
  • stable laser with long lifetime – 15,000 hours

State-of-the-art and Economical Laser Technology by HELL Systems

Based on many years of experience, HELL Systems has optimised state-of-art technology for fibre-coupled laser diodes. As a result, the user gets an economical and reliable technology for their specific application. Due to the waterless cooling and the intelligent control system, the service life of the laser diodes exceeds 15,000 operating hours.

Available Laser Wavelengths

With the F-Series, any known printing form can be processed on one machine:

  • 940 nm IR for any ablative (LAMS) plate or ablative film

Download a copy of our Brochure HERE.

A multitude of single laser diodes are used:

  • Stable laser emission >15000h lifetime
  • Resolution from 2400 to 5080dpi are possible
  • All standard LAMS plates can be imaged
Independent from engraving resolution (5080dpi standard)
and application of surface screening